Commercial Truck Success takes consulting to another level when we offer Turn-Key Commercial Truck Success. We will come into your dealership and build your department from scratch, hire, train and get your department profitable in a relatively short time and then turn the operation over to your management team with all the successful operations firmly in place.

Then, we follow up with you and your team for a specified length of time to ensure that everything we put in place stays in place and continues to grow and serve your dealerships business interests.

This program is without a doubt the fastest way to success in growing a large, profitable commercial truck department. We have experience creating number one commercial truck operations.


What is best about Commercial Truck Success is that we are bold enough to guarantee results. If you follow the program and do what is necessary, we guarantee that you will produce results. Here is how we can do this:

  • We have started two commercial truck departments from scratch in two different dealerships beginning in 1989 and made them number one in their regional market for that make. In the last case, the regional market was from Alaska to Bakersfield, CA, including northern Nevada and Hawaii. That is a large area. In addition, we have taught this program to others who have had similar results.
  • Our systems focus on effective daily activities that produce results over time. Accountability for activities is designed into the system. It is a manageable system. The best part is that it has been proven time and again and it produces results. And, last, the system is complete from start to finish to cover the entire operation of the commercial truck department.
  • We build this department based on your goals. When we learn your goals, we can design our program to help you achieve them. Whether your goals are large or small, our system is flexible to match. We also have a Turn Key Program where a dealer may be very aggressive and build a large commercial truck department from scratch (or from the ashes) in the quickest time frame. This program is full on, full time, full profit and guaranteed to produce those results.

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